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Originally Posted by Oldtimr View Post
If you were responding to my post, I have no idea what you were trying to say! However saying that the broad head makes no difference in putting as deer on the ground is ridiculous!
well if your referring to me
I will have to disagree
if you place a good sharp broadhead in the vitals, of any brand I know of you will kill the animal!
Indians did it with sharpened rocks way back when
Modern broadheads, are much better I agree, and there is no endless amount of designs and types
the key part of a broadhead is not design , its about placing it where iut needs to go and be sharp to do so

there is no magic broadhead that kills based on its design alone?
it still has to hit a vital and cause damage to kill

I have seen all sorts of broad heads kill from single blade fixed heads, to semi fixed blades, 3-4 blades, expandable ,
they all work when placed right on the animal!

and they ALL can fail if there not placed in a vital, or just fail period(was a issue more with first gen expandable
and yes some are stronger and weaker
but the point is, a broadhead need to CUT and any with a sharp edge placed in vitals will KILL period!
there is NO perfect broad head, nor bullet, placement is key to both!
all the power in the world be it in LBS of a box draw, or LBS of energy of a caliber, don;t make up for poor placement! some HELP< name of game still lies in hitting vitals for fast ethical kills with either!
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