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Originally Posted by sconnyhunter View Post
I don't quite call a seasonal guess, to be a vaccine. Not like the Polio Vaccine, or smallpox, or MMR. Those are vaccines. The flu is a guess in the wind, that sometimes hits close to the mark. Its like throwing a hand grenade, get close enough and sometimes you get the target too.

You've been downplaying HCQ, since the start. Its been internationally tested and used, with GREAT success. Not just for this off label virus, but also for its ON label uses.

We've allowed this to impact our economy globally out of FEAR. Nothing more. We were sold a bill of goods and left to hang with our own fears of the unknown.

If the good Dr's are so accurate, why have their "MODELS" been reduced 3 times now?

We may hit 50K dead my nect week, but for every 1 THAT DIES, 99 are living. That's the death rate here. 1%. I like those numbers, even if you don't.

As I've said before, life is dangerous, and freedom isn't free. I'm willing to pay the price, even if you are not.
Yes I have been skeptical about the benefits of CQ but only because I haven't seen medical experts saying it was the accepted method of treatment. Time will tell if it is indeed the silver bullet that Trump claimed. I wouldn't call our response to this pandemic fear based. I think there were a lot of really good moves for something nobody even saw coming. Trump cutting off the travel from China when he did saved lives no doubt. I don't know how you could even say I am not willing to pay the price to live free. I think I have far more invested than many people in both time and accomplishments.
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