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there is no need to hunt from above the ground, millions of deer were killed before anyone even thought about making a tree stand

the advantages however of being above the ground can help, it can get your vision above terrain and allow you to see farther or just better)or not)
and it can some times help with keeping your scent above things as well
and can help keep your movements out of direct line of sight for deer, However IMO< deer that live in area's where hunters use tree stands, have evolved to learn to LOOK Up in the tree's for hunters, just as much as they look any where else! LOL

but there is NO set height to how high one has to be for any advantages to help you
what ever height your OK with i, if it allows you see better, or feel better and allows you to sit still longer, it will help you most times!
be it 4 ft off the ground or 30 ft
Heck, I have killed deer from above ground to below ground set up,( like pit blinds , so you can always go down too if that is an option for the set up at hand!

larger key in hunting deer IMO< is seeing them before they see you, and then remaining still while you wait for the shot, deer pick up movements , be them up in a tree or down on the ground
movements are what get most hunters busted , next will be scent!

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