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For many years my 2 man platform tree stands which were built by me between several trees with handrails and a ladder to get up into them were about 11 feet of the ground. I covered the outside with camo cloth. I was always successful taking a deer from them, two if I wanted to. Last year after spending money every ear on maintenance I bought and erected a tower stand. It is only 8 feet from the ground to the floor which puts my gun at about 11 feet high and 13 feet when standing up. It too was very successful on it's maiden voyage. It has been obvious to me you do not need to be in the stratosphere with your stand to be successful. For those who like to be that high, more power to you and I suspect you are successful as well or you would not continue to hunt that high. All things being equal, this will be my home in deer season for the rest of my hunting career unless a tree falls on it.

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