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Default Easter Service this year

What are your plans for Easter Service this year?

We will be home for a traditional ham dinner and will join our brothers and sisters in Christ on line using Facebook Messenger a little later in the afternoon. We attend a home church and a number of us use messenger either because of the distance or as in our case, my wife is now confined to bed. It is certainly a blessing to still be able to meet together even if it is not always in person. We can still share what the Lord has done in our lives and worship together.

This may be a new experience for many who have never had to use this feature before. I hope the churches who are using this have had a few practice sessions already so that everyone can come together without facing problems. We found that if both the church and the home use Google Chrome it works much better and there is a better signal, both audio and video. When one is not on Google Chrome it would shut down after an hour or so and we'd have to call again. Also there would be many breaks and pauses in video with it usually going away leaving only audio for the rest of an hour until that too would shut down.

Thank you Jesus.

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