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Originally Posted by Champlain Islander View Post
I would go with number 2. It must be me but it always seems that loyal Trump supporters take the same path as he does...always blame everyone else. This guy isnt right. My opinion of course and one that is in the minority around here but that is ok with me. He says and does so many bad things there are too many to list. I heard a tape of him calling out the governors and specifically"that woman" in Michigan. Something to the affect of they didnt respect me so I wont call them to help in this crisis. Really??? Who does that except someone with some severe mental issues. That old fable the emperors new clothes comes to mind. Well I am not afraid to call it like I see it.
OK. Lets pick that apart. First off the definition of autocratic has nothing to do with blaming someone else. What the word means is that someone absolutely refuses to accept any advice or viewpoint other than their own even to the detriment of all. That is what the word means. It has nothing at all to do with saying things or calling people out. Now I will admit that Trump often appears as though he will not accept and advice or opposing viewpoints but, and this is a very big but, he always does in the end and that is the direct opposite of being an autocrat.

For the record I don't like all the things he says or the way he says them. But words do not the dictator make. Actions do. If you have your knickers in a knot because of words then you need to evaluate your words and possibly do an edit. Accusing someone of being in the company of Hitler and Stalin is a pretty serious accusation. You want to try again? Because you failed on that one.
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