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Typical Buck
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If you want to see "dictator" mentality, go over the 8 years with Obama for reference. Trump was correct in the fact that this covid 19 crap is being seriously overblown. Of all the deaths with this virus, 99% of them have been people that a bad case of the flu would have more than likely killed. Notice that the media only puts the number of deaths out there. Never do they put the age or condition of the patient. Except for the very very few young ones and all of them had pulminary issues to begin with. N1H1 killed far more people world wide in half the time and there was barely a blip in the media about it. The dems latched on to this like a pit bull on a ham bone and the world wide panic began. All to try to gainsay Trump.

Is he a great president? Not the greatest but to put things in perspective, he has gotten a hell of a lot more done, with 100 times more opposition, than a lot of presidents ever dreamed of.
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