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Good news. My foot feels great. After wearing the ankle brace for about 6 weeks it appears my ligament has either healed itself or strengthened up enough that there is no longer any pain in it. Bad new is that hunting season is now over and I'm in FL and my wife has me doing all sorts of work outside. So far I've put in about 150' of those 16" concrete edgers around the house then put down weed barrier and mulch. I also laid down exactly 200 16"x16" concrete pavers making a 48" walkway down both sides of the house! Normally just pouring the concrete would have been easier (and cheaper had I had to pay for the pavers). But my lovely wife found some 25 miles away that was giving them away so we made a couple trips with our utility trailer and picked them all up. Lowes is selling them for $3.98 each. So we got $800 in pavers for just the price of gas to drive 100 miles (2 trips). Oh yea, and all the mulch we got, about 6 trailer loads we also got for free locally. I wish she could find deals on guns like that for me!
Because of this work plus walking the dog in the evenings I lost 7 lbs which doesn't hurt in the continued healing of my foot.
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