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Green River Region Winter Conditions Summary 2020The 2019-20 winter has seen variable conditions throughout the Green River Region through early January. Conditions were harshest in Lincoln and Uinta counties, beginning as early as the third week of October 2019. The central portion of the region, including the Farson, Rock Springs and Green River areas, has experienced less harsh conditions, but continues to receive periodic snowfall and has had periods of extreme cold. The eastern portion of the region near Baggs has a little above average snow depths, but temperatures have been generally mild when compared to areas to the west.

As mentioned above, late November and most of the month of December had harsh conditions, with extreme cold and significant snowfall in the western and west central portions of the region. Pronghorn were especially affected and there were numerous incidents involving pronghorn moving to avoid weather and highway mortalities. Snows drifted and froze into zones that precluded the use by ungulates in many areas considered winter range. Six Variable Messaging Signs were deployed in an effort to limit losses. A few areas in this zone remained slightly more open, which helped moderate winter-related losses. Since the last few days of December and early January, conditions have generally moderated throughout most of the region and wildlife appear to be reaping the benefit of that moderation. Shrubs are now exposed in much of the areas considered crucial winter habitats and the overall outlook has dramatically improved. We can expect some higher than normal winter losses due to the conditions to-date, but remaining animals look to be in relatively good condition.

Overall, to-date, big game damage has been relatively "typical" in the Green River Region. The early snows brought elk down from the high country and onto private lands earlier than normal, but late elk seasons have limited most concerns. Typical areas of elk damage include Cokeville, Evanston, Farson, and the Bridger Valley. Damage concerns may increase as winter progresses and seasons close.
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