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Fair question, Flags.
Yes, I do think a 160 is better than a 150...just like a 170 B&C is better than a 160. In my perfect world I'd love nothing more than to get a B&C on the wall, but I know that's pretty much a fantasy; however, a 160 is attainable. it's a stretch, but it's attainable. The largest I've ever got is a mid 140 class buck and I'm super proud of him. I don't have any other serious hobbies, but I have friends that are big golfers, other friends that are huge bass fishermen, etc. So, for them it would be like shooting under 70 in golf or catching a 12 lb bass. Whatever your passion is most people have some high level bar set that that they hope to achieve. For me a +160 is just a dream.
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