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Originally Posted by flags View Post
Just a question but are you of the mind set that a 160 buck is any better than a 150 or even a 140 buck?

Yes, by the tone of your question..... 160" is better than a 150". You mentioned sizes, 160 is better than 150 when antler size is the measuring stick.

In the end what does a couple of inches of antler really mean?
Nothing to me and you, but not everybody hunts for the reasons we hunt. This is the USA still right?

​​​​​​buck is fairly taken and you're proud of him, score matters little.
unless it matters allot. Either way is fine. It really is. I don't even require a person to be "proud of him" I've taken many deer I'm proud of. I've taken many deer that are nuisance critters and that I considered 'work.' I've taken deer because the freezer was empty. I've taken deer when the freezer was full and donated them. I've taken deer cause I wanted to, I've taken them when I didn't really wanted to but needed to. There
are many motivations. Mine doesn't have to be yours.

I have never been able to wrap my head around the fascination on scoring antlers.
it's possibly that you do things that someone else somewhere "can't wrap their head around" and that's ok.

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