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A 160” Whitetail is a GREAT deer. Any place promising you a 160” that’s fair chase isn’t being honest. Of the ranches you listed the only one I have heard of is the Hash Knife. Is that in Kansas?

I would look in Iowa. Again, a 160 isn’t behind every tree but Iowa has their fair share. I hunted Iowa in 2017 and saw chasing, grunting bucks every day. I even saw a mid 170s buck at about 200 yards. It was a super fun DIY hunt on a friends farm. I took a 126” 5.5 year old 9pt. A far cry from a 160”, but still a mature buck.

You should check on recent EHD and Blue Tongue breakouts where ever you decide to hunt. I know the Midwest keeps getting hit with these diseases every few years and it kills mature bucks. Be careful.

Best of luck!
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