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any free range ranch is going to be a gamble, to a point, some that have baiting allowed will be higher more consistent odds IMO

but that comes with the question of if your ok with shooting one over bait or near it!
and I honestly DON"T think there is BEST place
there are many that have huge amounts of land they manage in extremely high cost ways that ensure there are deer of the size your after, but weather, and other factors can cause percentages to have highs and lows!

the best advice if sicne its your money , =make phone calls and ask questions that matter to you and hunting types that matter to YOU

what I like, or dis like, maybe different than what you like

and then there is also deer size issue's that can matter to you or not

is tolerant size ALL you care about
as there is IMO a HUGE difference when you have a 160' set of antlers on a 120 lbs buck as to the same 160 inch antlers on a 300+ lb buck
time of yr you harvest the animal can also matter you want summer coat, or winter, you want thin necks, or swollen one's from the rut side of things??

do you want to HUNT< or sit in a comfortable blind and SHOOT a deer?
as I said, lots of things that can matter or NOT to you, maybe different to me??

and a LOT of great OUTFITTERS are NOT Ranches period!
so only looking at Ranches, might cause you to miss out on a lot of options!

as hunting is hunting, and shooting is shooting
there two different things
HOW bad you want a 160?

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