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You could check the Hunts/Outfitters section of the Classified forum here (see below) for information about outfitters and hunts. There's a sub-forum within that forum for outfitter and hunt reviews. It's also searchable if you're just looking for info on a specific outfitter/hunt. There's a mix of positive and negative reviews.

On for your list of possible ranches above, I'm assuming you've already done some type of search to see if they're a high fence ranches or not. Most (but not all) high fence operations tend to not advertise that aspect up front or on the internet. You will likely have to send them an email and simply ask. If they don't respond, that's probably not going to be promising either way. If they do, you'll possibly gain a source of information in that area. Even if they're a high fence outfit, they may be able to point you in the direction for what you're looking for in their area.

Another option is to attend a hunting expo in your region. Most of the expos have a website and you can do some research on outfitters that have displays at that particular expo. If you go to the expo, however, you can meet those outfitters and ask them about high fences while seeing if they're possibly somebody you'd want to do a hunt with. I realize this isn't an easy or simple answer like "go on this hunt with this outfitter" but those answers aren't always the best answer since you may want something different than the person offering the recommendation. Only you know what kind of hunt will work for you which is especially important when you're the one spending big $$ on the hunt. Best of luck in your search.

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