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Hi all.
Long time whitetail hunter from GA but first time ever posting to a forum! I figured I could spend weeks trying to figure things out on my own...or I could ask everyone here!

I'm looking for a 2020 whitetail hunt on a free range/fair chase ranch anywhere in the lower 48 that has proven to consistently produce trophy +160 class deer. I had the pleasure of hunting up in Alberta at North River Outfitters this past Thanksgiving week. It was my first time hunting with an outfitter and I had a blast! I shot a nice 8 on my last day, but nothing like the monster one of the other guys shot, which scored 207. There are absolute monsters up there, but I firmly believe there are equally big monsters in the lower 48. Having to go through customs, etc was just a pain to get to Alberta, which is why I am hoping to find something in the lower 48.

I've been researching and found the following ranches that seem to produce monsters; however, I can't tell if they're high fence or not. I am not interested in hunting high fence. No offense to others that do, but it's just not my cup of tea.

If you know of any others please let me know, but here's what I've found so far. Anyone have any experience with these places?
Johnson Ranch
Hash Knife
La Violeta
Novillos Ranch
Rocking Chair Ranch
Laredo Ortiz Ranch
Chain Ranch
Charco Marranno

Thank you for the advice!
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