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Default CZ 527 Varmint with threaded barrel 17 Hornet

I picked up this rifle a couple months ago. I added a Vortex Diamondback Tactical 6-24x50 FFP scope with Leupold Medium 30MM rings. The CZ 527 action is a Micro Mauser action with controlled round feeding. The action it's self is not as smooth as it should be but should get better with break in.

The trigger on this rifle is a Single set trigger. You can use it like a normal trigger or you can push the trigger forward setting the trigger. Using the trigger the normal fashion I have a trigger that breaks at 2.5 pounds. As a set trigger it breaks at 14 ounces. Not a hint of creep on either method.
The safety is backwards of the normal. You pull the safety back to shoot.
The barrel of this varmint model is 24" with threads for a suppressor. The rate of twist is 1-9".

Shooting the CZ 527 varmint in the 17 Hornet is a true pleasure. zero recoil, and the scope stays on the target.
The Factory Hornady 20 gr bullets didn't shoot awesome. I was about 1.25" at 100 yards. In fact about everything I shot was 1" or more. I loaded some 25 gr Hornady with no love. The center group is Nosler 20 gr.

My first groups with the 20 gr hornady were 3 shot groups.

Those were very good so I focused on the Hornady 20 gr and tried a lot of powder changes. The 12.2 were just hard to pass up. The two groups at the bottom were just over 1/2". I will take that all day long. Then I shot another 3 shot group like I did before.

After about 100 rounds now I have found that this rifle doesn't like to be cleaned. It likes to run a little dirty and it took a bit to figure that out.
Overall I am very pleased with the rifle. The more I shoot it the better it is shooting. Maybe I am getting used to the recoil. It should make for a very nice ground squirrel and rock chuck rifle. Not to mention it is just plain fun to shoot something that has no kick.

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