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The Czech Republic has some decent hunting. That is where I usually go. Mouflon is my next hunt. When compared to a Bighorn hunt in the U.S. it is reasonable. Bulgaria also has a good reputation for trophy animals at a reasonable price. Red Deer are always going to be expensive, they are a popular hunt for rich Germans.

A buddy of mine shot a Sow in the Czech Republic, my best guess is four hundred pounds and near 8 feet long hanging by the hind legs. That sow was huge. I was hunting Roe Deer when a forty plus, wild Boar sounder showed up, Boar in the Czech Republic are considered pests and the cost to hunt them reflects that. The same with Lynx, pretty much shoot on sight. A buddy of mine harvested a Mouflon, the trophy cost him around $1400.

Norway, Sweden and Finland have Moose. Not as large as an American/Canadian Moose but still respectable. I like Norway because English speakers are common and they welcome tourists. Fishing in Norway is great if you want to combine your trip.

The Scandinavian countries are civilized and you are much less likely to run into problems. Bulgaria is relatively safe, Romania not so much.
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