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Originally Posted by Big Uncle View Post
This winter may be tough on some of the pronghorn areas. The snow is piling up in some places but hopefully it will be manageable for the game. There is sometimes a silver lining and in this case it is the moisture from the eventual snow melt that should make the sage grow. Keep an eye on the winter weather before choosing a unit for your hunt.
Learning a lot from living here now, this is a BIG state. True some areas of WY are getting slammed this winter, some aren't. I live in Buffalo (Antelope areas 102 and 16), we had zero snow until a week ago, now we have over a foot. That is in the antelope areas, if you head up to the bighorns (no antelope really) they have multiple feet. So the melt should help water the sage as it drains out of the mountains.

Locally we are seeing LOTS of antelope, now that they are grouped up on the snow, we either see none or a TON together.

This area, assuming winter actually ends soon, should be ok, others not so much. So check your target area, not just WY
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