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Actually the brain of the person carrying the handgun is the safety on all handguns. It doesn't matter if the gun is carried in the pocket or a holster you simply do not put your finger on the trigger until the gun is on target and you will not have to worry about an accidental discharge. I carry a Kahr MK 40, it is a striker gun like a Glock and has no safety. The fact it has no safety probably saved my life several years ago, I walked up to a 165 lb wild boar I shot and I thought was dead. After a reasonable amount of time I approached it to take pictures. I took one picture from the side and then walked to the front to get a picture of the cutters, I was about 4 feet away camera in hand rifle slung on my shoulder. When the flash on the camera went off the hog blinked,and before I could say oh s--t he charged me. I drew and fired in one motion and killed him at my feet. If I had to deal with a safety under those circumstances he most likely would have tore me up and I would have bed to death . Guns with no safety are not the problem, people who can't keep their fingers off the trigger before it is time to shoot are the problem.

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