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Originally Posted by Bocajnala View Post
I got a chance to look at an lcp and an lcp2 side by side today. The lcp2 certainly seems like the better design. But it's a little bit bigger.

Not a ton, but certainly noticeable. The trigger was much better.


I am completely unconvinced that a short light single action trigger with no safety on a gun designed to be carried in your pocket is "much better" for CCW use. There is no disputing the LCP II would shoot much nicer groups, but that is not much concern for a CCW gun, IMO.

The LCP II trigger mechanism is basically a Glock copy, action wise. What do Glock owners say all the time? "The holster is the safety." So if someone gets an LCP II, PLEASE get a very good high quality holster to go with it. That goes for any of the single action-ish trigger dingus type firearms that are in vogue nowadays.

I really suggest anyone who wants an LCP try the custom or 10th anniv. model. It has a legit DAO that is eons better than the LCP1 model, but not as "D'oh!" prone as the LCP II. You can legitimately carry it safely with a pocket clip (or a cheap holster if that's your thing), and it is still a very, very nice trigger pull.

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