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well I am glad they went back to the original ways, way too many traditions were getting ruined IMO by the Saturday opener!
sorry for those that don;t get as much time off, to hunt due to a Monday start up
but I know all the hunting clubs and cabins guys, were rather upset with the Saturday deal, , just messed with decades of traditions they could;t play out and sure missed, as , many of these clubs have more older folks, that don;t really hunt, but enjoy the get together and games they played, and they ALL buy hunting lic's and try and get more generations involved every yr!

NOW< and I know many here won't maybe like this
I wish they would cut back a LITTLE on the amount of days there allowing bear hunting
IMO< they went a little too far with amounts of days, I mean they more than doubled the amount of season there, IMO< seems a lot like a money game, , luring more deer hunters into buying lic, based on so many days to MAYBE get one!
selling more lic, values, than a good management deal!

I lived in a fairly high bear population area, and surrounded by all hunting clubs, thousands of acres and hundreds of hunters in the clubs,
and the amount of bears they took this yr was huge, I get lowering numbers side of things
but a few yrs like this, and there going to maybe go too far the other way!
the state worked pretty hard in the 80's and 90's to get bear bear numbers up, and now??
just hate to see it go down hill!

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