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I haven't read the whole thread so I don't know if this one has been mentioned but when I wanted a small pistol to carry I toted a Colt Detective Special with a 2 inch barrel in 38 Special. It was light, easy to conceal and best of all, double action. A 2 inch barrel means it isn't a long range rig for accuracy but I was concerned with someone within 20 feet and it was fine for that. Load it up with hollow points and carry one speed loader. 38 Special isn't as flashy as the newer calibers but I sure wouldn't want to take a round from it in the chest especially a hollow point. When I was no longer in need of it I gave it to a girlfriend that worked in a rough area of Denver and she carried it in her purse. When she went away so did the Colt. Kind of wish I had it back for a truck gun.
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