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For me ,it takes all the Fun out of MLer Hunting. I actually like cleaning My MLer because if it needs cleaning it means I got a Deer with it and I can clean it after the hunt and think back on the fun I had that day while doing it. I started with My Father in Law's Tennessee Mountain Rifle back in the early 80's, in our State it was Cap and Ball only, no fiber optic sights and no scopes but we could use Cap's. That tought me how to be a good hunter with one shot and I liked making up my own loads. Pre Measured Loads are almost like Pellets, your stuck with that load and could be missing out on better accuracy if you used your own powder charge to fit your MLer. There's always going to be new and better, they have to do it to sell. Now I love MLer's so much I've only used them for the past 30+- years, no Rifle in Gun Season for me, I like the 1 shot. I'm also a avid Bow Hunter and a few years back I did buy 2 Crossbow's, even though we can only use them the last 2 weeks of Archery Season I felt I put my time in with a Bow all these years and learned all I could to be the best I could be. Now I know this isn't a Archery Forum but this fit's in with the "Innovation Gone Too Far" Newer Crossbow's now are Publicized as "Your Next Rifle" because some now shoot up to 440fps and even faster. These Companies are going to ruin it for people in some States where Crossbow's are allowed because they will look at it as "This is too Much" actually it isn't because 440+fps isn't even close to a Rifle, so don't market it as such, but some States may look at it this way. So Innovation has it's good and bad, some like Old School and some like the Newer and Better. But don't sacrifice newer and better because you want the Easy way out, learn why the sport is what it is and how it got to where it is today and how it all got started. This goes back to the Crossbow thing, some buy one because they don't want to learn about Trajectory or feel a Bow is too much work to learn how to shoot so they buy a Crossbow and think they have a Gun and can shoot 50++ yards when they shouldn't. This will ruin it for those who really need to shoot a Cross Bow because of Physical Impairments and those who understand what they really have. Newer and Better will always be here, it's up to the Consumer to weed out what really isn't needed only for those making it to make more $$$. If we all had to go back to Cap and Ball only with no scopes or Fiber Optic Sights we'd all do fine.
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