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Originally Posted by CalHunter View Post
I just slipped it in my front slacks pocket for CCW and never carried it as a backup weapon on duty. It actually didn't print that bad in my pocket. It was extremely accurate at up to 15 yards in SA but the DA shot usually opened the group up a bit.

When you say carry yours on a few hunts, are you thinking for CCW purposes or something you have handy when field dressing a critter?
More for peace of mind than anything else. The private land where I deer hunt has quite a few coyotes that have lately been unusually bold; in one case a pack of 10-12 started circling a hunter, getting within 5 yards. Their mistake since he had an AR platform .308 ended taking out 3-4 of them before they scattered. We also have a few black bears, at lease one sow with cubs. I usually hunt with a muzzleloader and getting deep in the woods an hour or so before legal light gives me the heebie jeebies.
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