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Originally Posted by flyinlowe View Post
I have hunted deer for over 30 years (killing too many to count). 99% of the time I have hunted I had used my normal soap, shampoo, deodorant, etc. Just use what ever your skin likes the best.
Same here. My hunting clothes go into my closet where there are only hunting clothes and my coats, hats and hunting trousers do not get washed. I cannot remember the last year I did not take at least one deer. When I still smoked cigarettes 9 our of 10 deer I killed was with a cigarette in my mouth. There is far too much craziness about scent control. The native Americans didn't bathe, they stunk to high heaven before the white man came to America. Their weapons were close up, home made bows and spears, yet they managed to kill deer.
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