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Default Home Remedies for Scent Control?

Hi everyone,

I usually buy Insert Scent Killer Brand Name Field Spray, Laundry Detergent and Body Wash, but I've noticed this past season, especially with the colder days I'm hunting, that my skin is starting to dry out severely. I have sensitive skin, but until this year I wasn't hunting nearly as often, and I've noticed that anytime I use scent control products from the store it really bothers my skin. Does anyone have home remedies for laundry detergent, body wash/shower gel, and overall scent killing? I've heard a couple of people online say that baking soda and hydrogen peroxide seem to do the trick but I don't know if that's for just a field spray, for clothing to soak in, or to scrub my body with. I've also heard simply using unscented laundry detergent works as well.

Any tips, comments or suggestions would be great, my skin thanks you!

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