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The LCP and LCP II are a size smaller than the LC9. Personally, I think the LCP Gen II is the belle of the Ruger LCP line up. The Gen II has an upgraded trigger and far better sights than the Gen I. The LCP II is actually a single action design, but with an extreme positive sear angle to create a DA like feel. The LCP Gen 2 is a traditional double action only design, but with recoil assist - meaning the slide partially cocks the hammer, and such, the hammer can not be doubled. The LCP II did correct the ridiculous concave grip sidewalls of the LCP, but doesn’t have the same comfort of the original LCP with a Hogue slip on is the best feel and best control of any of the LCP’s - the LCP II Hogue grip is better than bare, but the straighter grip backstrap makes the LCP II want to tip forward in hand after a few rounds, which doesn’t happen with the Gen I or II with or without a Hogue wrap. The Gen II sights are better than the LCP II’s as well.

The LCP II is a very good pocket pistol, but there’s a reason the Gen II’s are still in production - because they’re a more popular model, also for a reason - because the Gen II is a better pistol than the LCP II. I own both, carry both, and recommend both, depending which fit best in your hand and meet your personal preference.

The LC9s Pro is what we all asked for - yelled for - when the LC9 came out. The LC9s was halfway there, and it was a frustrating few years before we were given the Pro without the manual safety. FINALLY. I personally removed the lever from my LC9, and carried it with the safety off. The safety could still be activated with a fingernail. The factory lever was stiff and exceptionally tiny, such it was a joke to pretend it was effective for quick-deploy self defense uses - and of course, a manual safety on a recoil assist DAO pistol is silly from the jump. Of the LC9 frame, the LC9s Pro is the belle.

I do absolutely agree, however, that the LC9 frame pistols are of a size which REALLY makes me think twice and thrice before strapping on - since the G19 has better ergonomics, twice the capacity, and conceals ALMOST as easily.
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