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jake i believe you have hit the nail on the head. camps are not what they use to be. we use to go to southern ohio for deer gun season. for the whole week & have a ton on fun & brought back allot of deer too. there were 11 of us . well the younger guys got married & settled down to there families . which brought me to hunting closer to home . and who can complain about extra days to hunt . like you sad kids don't skip school anymore to hunt & especially with all the social life & activities after school. so when they can get out & hunt especially during the weekends that's a good thing for hunting.at my sportsman club we would put on hunter education about 2 times a month twenty yrs ago. now we are lucky if we put on 2 to 3 classes a year.hunting is becoming a dying sport. even worse a rich man's sport due to all the expensive leasing going on. what has the hunting world come to ? let's perserve this sport by getting out more & even better let's get the youth of our world involved.
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