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old timer i used to live in pa & hunt pa even when i now live in ohio. yes there are traditions but alot of the old family traditions are gone . the old timers are now gone & newer generations are coming in if at all . i used to know of aleast 3 hunting camps if not more that was alive & well during the 1970's thru the 1990's & as members passed away so did the hunting camps & traditions . the 3 camps i know of have not been hunted out of since the late 90's & early 2000's . they are now just collapsed sheds now. just a shame that has happened . 1 place i know is in forclosure due to delinquent property taxes from 2005. somebody will gobble it up & may build a cabin there so they can rent it out to summer vacationers . let's face it hunting is dieing off the average age for a hunter in now in his/ her 50's pgc is tring it's best to reintroduce hunting to the youth now & really the only time they have now is the weekends . they are all so tied up with personal business & work during the weekdays .another thing here in ohio traditions are'nt what they used to be the saturday & sunday before gun season i 77 south was a very busy hiway into southern oh . now if you travel on i 77 those 2 days you lucky to see a camper of a truck load of guys heading south. they are tring to open ohio gun season on the saturday after thanksgiving & the big fight here is well that's the OHIO STATE VS MICHIGAN FOOTBALL GAME day . what i think is we all fear change
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