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Originally Posted by bronko22000 View Post
The 350 Legend was designed to work within the law not around it. It has turned out to be an excellent choice for areas where straight walled only cartridges are allowed. The 450 Bushmaster was a hit but the Legend works just as well without the recoil. Less energy yes, but more than sufficient.
This is how I see it. Laws changed which recreated a market for straightwall cartridges, and with exceptionally limited modern options, bolt guns and ARís, the door was open for the .350 Legend. If you want a straightwall bolt gun in Ohio/Iowa/Indiana, what options are there? Leverguns are a dying breed, arguably dead in the youngest two generations of rifle buyers, single shots unpopular and also faltering in the recent market, so the 450 Bushmaster in a couple bolt guns and ARís was largely the singular option. Most of our straightwall cartridges are low pressure, rimmed cases, not setting the bar very high to supersede in a modern cartridge. The parameter was .357Ē and straightwall, with a few states requiring cases shorter than 1.8Ē. We already have a 45cal in the mix, so a 44cal may not have been distinct enough to play, not much interest in 40 cals as a whole - especially in the current environment - so why not go hard and fast with a common bolt face and Mag boxes, pushing a 35 cal bullet?

I might wish theyíd made more accommodation for conventional brass neck thickness around the specified bullet diameters, but once cheap barrel makers stop pitching out-of-spec chambers, the Legendís going to keep doing very well.

Itís not skirting any laws.
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