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Originally Posted by Nomercy448 View Post
I have two “spite uppers” planned for this summer. A 224 Valkyrie and a 350 Legend. Both have had some bad reamers making bad barrels out there which have pressed a lot of negativity around the forums and Facebook. The Legend gets a bad reputation for the fact folks have measured factory ammo to include .355-.356” bullets, instead of the .357” of the SAAMI spec. So folks assume the Legend is a 9mm. I’ve installed two 350 Legend barrels so far, both have readily accepted reloaded .357” bullets, as designed. A friend has a Ruger American which will chamber reloads with .358” 180 grain HotCors without sizing.

Personally, I think the .350 Legend is right where it should be for deer and hog hunting, everything the .450 Bushmaster really should have been.
NoMercy I was (and still am) a bit concerned about shooting .358" bullets out of the Legend. And I don't want to shoot .357" pistol bullets out of it. My plan was to buy 180 grain Speer HorCor bullets @ .358" and size them down to .356". My thinking is that they will be tight enough to form a good seal and engage the rifling yet not too snug to create too high a pressure with SAAMI safe loads. Of course I will start low and increase charge weight until I see pressures then back off a bit. (or until I achieve satisfactory accuracy) Comments??
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