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When I was still on the job in PA I got called to the lobby one day to talk to a gentleman who wanted to talk to a Conservation Officer. I went to the lobby and met him and he proceeded to tell me he was hiking and scouting in the blue mountains, he was high on a ridge when he encountered thick mountain laurel that he could not walk through so he got down no all fours and crawled along a deer trail until he popped out into an opening where there were 6 or 7 coyotes laying down. He said they immediately jumped up and attacked him. He showed me his torn jacket and bites on his lower arms and hands. He was set upon by the coyotes, I think out of fear from being surprised when he popped into their space rather than as prey because his wounds were not all that severe. I thanked him for the information and also told him to see his Dr and be guided by whatever the Doc tells him to do regarding Rabies shots. There have been other incidents in the news in the state where someone got bitten by a coyote, mostly trying to protect a pet. They are predators and all predators will bite under certain conditions.
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