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I know this is an old post but a guy that hunts deer at the same property that I do in Loudoun County, Virginia recently had a pretty harrowing experience. He was walking up to one of our fixed stands, fairly deep in the woods at about 7:00 am when he was surrounded by 10-12 coyotes. They kept circling him, getting as close as 5 yards, totally unafraid. Their mistake as my friend had a .308 AR platform rifle. He let loose about 10 rounds, both in front and behind him. He later recovered four that he shot.

I have heard coyotes at that location but have never actually seen any. I understand that this behavior is way out of the ordinary as most coyotes will take off at the sight of a human. My only guess is that the behavior might change with a large pack, which in itself is unusual. Maybe he was near the den?

In any case the hunting group I manage is going to start looking into some lethal methods, not so much for population control, more to make sure that the coyotes maintain a healthy fear of humans.

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