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After reading a lot of info on this cartridge I decided to try it out for myself. I didn't want it in a bolt action rifle so I did some searching and found an upper for my AR-15 on sale from Adding the "assembled" option for $15 my total was just over $200 for the complete upper. Then I found out that the standard .223/5.56 mags will not work without modification so I ordered a couple mags for it. Everything should be here by Friday. The model upper I got is called the Astral and has an 18" barrel. I would have sent the link but the 18" barrel is now out of stock. Will post pics when it arrives and is installed on my receiver.
I'm anticipating the PGC going to pass semi-auto rifles for big game soon. I just hope that when they do they limit mag capacity to 5 rounds. I think this would be a great combo for deer and black bear.
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