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Default New Gun?

Hey guys, I'm looking for advice on possible new gun purchase. I have several guns now both inline's and side hammer. I've been interested in the newer break open style inline rifles that seam to be popular right now. I have several inline rifles now but all are older plunger style guns. The guns I've been looking at are the TC Impact and the CVA Wolf. I would like to know the goods and bad's of both these guns. I would probably be installing a scope and using this during our rifle deer season. I've pretty much been using 777 and goex in my inline guns now and would like to use it in the new gun also. I would probably be shooting 250-300 gr sabbot bullets. any info would be helpful. I have been a TC and Knight guy so a CVA would be new to me. I've found both guns online for around $180 so price about the same. Thanks
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