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I have no disrespect for people who dislike the "commie" guns because of wartime experience.

But you can get used to them in a big hurry, because the AK's are "good enough for government work".

Yet I'm one of the dying breed of AK/AKM owners here in Maryland, because of the Assault Weapons Ban; but I still cherish the opportunity to own and shoot one.

I do own - among others:

Krebs Custom - KTR03-S - AKM Saiga in 7.62x39

Saiga AK74 in 5.45x39

Romanian PSL in 7.62x54R

Chinese SKS sniper rifle in 7.62x39

Three Russian M91/30's in 7.62x54R...including a 1943 "Izzy" sniper rifle with all matching numbers except for the 3.5x PU scope.

Though I was the culprit in causing 2 AK jams...when I short-stroked the charging handle, which sent a live round into the trigger group.

I also cherish my AR's...but they are not that dependable as compared to my trusty AK's.

It really affected my wallet...when the BATFE banned the sale of Russian of soft steel "armor piercing" corrosive 5.45x39 ammo.

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