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one factor not being discussed is that theres a world of difference in various AK rifle;s as to the quality and potential accuracy
most surplus AK ammo is crap, mill surplus quality, accuracy was never a huge concern,
if you hand load that can be significantly improved on, speer 150 grain .311 bullets over rl7 powder tends to work ok.
no one who's done extensive testing will begin to tell you the AR platform does not on average have some advantages,
but not all AK based rifles are hopelessly inaccurate,
military stamped steel receivers , iron sights short sight radius,
and non-chrome lined barrels like the picture above, tend to shoot 2"-5" 100 yard groups

forged receiver versions with chrome-lined barrels like the picture below,
readily accept the 30 round magazines
and 2"-3" 100 yard groups with iron sights are quite common and with a decent scope and mounts
and longer barrels ,1.5":-2" groups are rather the norm, yeah the Norinco trigger sucks, but you can improve it and get used to using it.
it will never beat a bull barrel AR for accuracy, but its certainly a decent 100-150 yard deer rifle if proper ammo is used in skilled hands

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