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I personally don't like it. YET. I'm sure as I get used to it it'll grow on me.

I'm one of those that have to go to camp and get set up. And a Saturday opener just made it very rushed.

Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving we typically get to camp, set up, visit, small game hunt, etc. And I've always enjoyed those days.

Like I said, I'll get used to it I'm sure. And it'll become normal. But it did feel rushed to me. I think overall it's good for the hunters though-there were definitely more people out this year.

There were a ton of hunters out. Saturday opener+beautiful weather. Very little shooting around us though.. One younger cousin took his first deer. A 5x1. Would have been a very nice buck if both sides matched. And another cousin got a 6 point. That's all between fourteen of us.

A great first day in my book. I saw about 15 doe and three illegal buck.

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