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Default Caldwell Led Sled

If you want to zero in a new rifle or scope, just spend the $100. I can't seem to understand why anybody would not want this product. I use it all the time at the range and recommended it to just about everybody while I'm there.
I see people trying to zero in their rifle or scope, with sandbags, pieces of wood for rests, etc. These people blow through 20 rounds like nothing, get mad because they don't understand why shot after shot goes no where near the last. Barrels get smoking hot because you're rushing and cruising through ammo. Obviously there are many factors buuuut you get what I'm preaching.
All I'm trying to say is the Led Sled will eliminate these errors. I've used it with a 300 Weatherby and didn't feel a thing in regards to recoil. I can zero in a new scope in 5 shots or less with this product. Just spend the money or you can keep buying your ammo and be frustrated.
I am not a sponsor or anything like that. I am completely sold on this product. I usually get 2-3 people too think about buying it while at the range. It's a perfect gift for any shooter.
Hopefully this will persuade a few people but hopefully more chime in and agree with me.
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