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Hey everyone, quick update. I think I found my solution to the issue of scent control! I decided to try a process and it seemed to work out in my favor, I got a doe to walk within 5 yards of my stand without smelling me, even when the wind wasn't in my favor. This was only one time but I'm pretty happy with the results and am going to keep trying this process until it doesn't work (as well as pay attention to the wind and try to keep estrus trails upwind of me). I washed my clothes with scent blocking detergent, then I throw them into unscented plastic trash bags with a lot of baking soda. I shower with scent blocker and dry off, jumping into some clothes that I'll swap when I get to my hunting site, brush my teeth and use scent blocking deodorant. I drive to the site, jump out of whatever pants I was wearing there, switch into my gear, and heavily spray with scent controlling spray (especially under my boots) and then move to my stand, slowly so that I don't work up a sweat. At the base of the tree I'll spray the ground up to eye level with scent spray and sit very quietly in the treestand.

Thank you all for your help! Hopefully I'll be posting with my first deer today or Friday!
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