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Those were the good old days for sure. The cat and mouse game between Justin and Stealthy was classic. Ironically canned hunting was a subject that would usually bring stealthy out of the shadows. To some of the members guessing if a new member was just Brad coming back under another alias was fun. I never thought Tardfarmer was stealthy. I always enjoyed the pages and pages TOPDAWGWOOFWOOF would generate. TDWW supposidly being a southerner could really rip the scab off some of the northern boys. I think MTHands knew who he really was. He was another fun regular who doesn't come around anymore. Classic feuds between different main characters were always festering up. Most of it was in good taste and humor and people seemed to have a thicker skin back then. I was one of the permabanned members back then and did get back after promising to be good and trying to get the site back to a fun place again. I even served a couple years as a mod which at least in my mind was like public service work for the trouble I caused and getting the boot. Sad to say no matter what gets done this place is about as active as a dead horse.
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