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Default Remington 870 12ga (as I posted on Facebook. LOL...)

Hmmm... I posted this yesterday on Facebook and have not gotten banned by them (yet), but who knows.

"Since there was a gun show this weekend at RIR, I wanted to make yet, another Pro-2nd Amendment posting on Facebook:
Who on here DOESN'T own the famous, the ubiquitous, the "Ford F150 of shotguns"... The one, the only, the Remington 870 pump action 12ga shotgun!"
(2nd post/comment by me)
"Oh, and before anyone freaks out... It is unloaded, the chamber is open, and the pump action slide is pulled back (opening the chamber)."

So, with that said, who else is a fan of the classic Rem 870? It's everywhere! Every deer camp, every duck blind, all across the good ol' USA, the 870 is around!
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