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DWR coatings are not waterproofing - theyíre simply more water-resistance. Unless you EXCEPTIONALLY thickly coat the seams to replicate waterproof taping, youíll still find your seams leaking after a bit of movement in the rain. Waterproof clothing are constructed of membrane laminate fabrics with taped seams - itís far more than just a fabric coating.

Personally, I have killed far too many animals, especially predators, with absolutely NO money spent on scent proofing to ever believe any of the hype. Chemically and biologically, most of the pseudoscience we see around scent control products on the market is completely bogus. So if you do end up spraying, donít lose a wink of sleep. Keep the wind in your face, and youíll be miles ahead in that race.

The best idea I can offer you for your pending soggy britches hunt is to buy an inexpensive set of rain covers to go over your other hunting gear. Or buy expensive rain covers, if thatís your taste. I have a set of Sitka Cloudburst and Kuiu Chugach rain gear to keep me dry - just thin layers to throw on top of my warmer gear, or to wear stand alone, which are 100% waterproof in materials and construction. I also have a few clear plastic ponchos in my pack, and a few $20 rubber pull over sets. All of them keep me dry, some make me sweat more than others, some have better pockets for accessories, some are quieter... but all keep me dry...
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