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Originally Posted by Oldtimr View Post
God bless Vermont, I have been trying to get the same in PA. It makes no sense to allow urine bases lures and scents when the artificial stuff works as well.
Biggest bang for the buck comes with outlawing game farms/ canned hunting. In many locations where it suddenly popped up there was a game farm where it started. There is no such thing as a fence totally eliminates commingling between captive deer or elk and those in the wild. Fences can be damaged by blow downs, jumped over or even cut by vandalism. We had one of our last game farms here before they outlawed them and I believe it had a double fence. Captive deer still got out and wild ones got in. When they closed the operation they had to kill all the trophy wild deer that got in and lived there. Unfortunately there is some big money behind some of those type operations in other states. Politics keeps them in business.
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