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Default Gotta love the .308 cartridge!!

This morning I drove out to the outdoor wildlife area's 100 yard rifle range. It opened at 9:00am, so I wanted to be among the first ones there (it can get PACKED, if you know what I mean!).

Anyway, I own a late 90's model Savage 110, but yet chambered in the legendary .308 (aka - 7.62 NATO). From what I understand, back then Savage Arms was really hurting financially, and about to go Chapter 11 or whatever or something like that. They decided to take the long action & short action models, and remanufacture them to fit in one main long action stock -- the model 110. Everything: .30-06, .270, .25-06, .308, .243, etc... For the short action models, what they did (can't really see it inside) is, they installed a metal/wooden "block" to fit inside behind the short action internal magazine. So you have a long action bolt, chamber, slide, etc... but yet combined with a short action magazine. Somehow, they made it work!

See... Isn't she pretty?

Also, as seen below, I scanned two of my targets after I got home. I tested out my Savage .308 at 100 yards with the elevation set to 1" high and locked into a secure bench rest. Wicked groupings from a solid bench rest! Woo-hoo!!!

Here is the last target, after I realized that I didn't need to do anything to my Savage .308 besides continue to use 168gr BTHP rounds! Talk about being a "tack driver"! Wow!! Here I put down the secure bench rest, hiked out there 100 yards, and strung up another target. I just hand held my Savage, propped up on my elbows on the big wooden bench & seat at the outdoor range. I stayed focused, breathed, relaxed, and gently squeezed the trigger, and fired a few shots to see how I'd do WITHOUT a solid, secure, bench rest. I'd say whatever deer I go after will be DOA and I'll have venison on the table!

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