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I think you nailed it, wearing your clothes in your vehicle and then hunting, all that time sitting whole driving, is them sucking up scents a deer will find NOT natural
the same will be said on your boots/footwear you wear while driving/hunting

NEXT is, do you break a sweat while walking into your stand?
this is a HUGE deal IMO, as all your scent control work/steps go out the window if your sweating when you get to the tree/stand!

and YES, I am also a guy that keeps things in my scent free toes where I keep my clothes and gear, I add things like pine tree branches acorns, and some fresh soil/dirt!

something else to keep in mind, scent can attach to you at any point in time and this also includes scent can attach to things besides you, your BOW< arrows, and so on

so, if you target practice with arrows you hunt with in summer time and be all sweaty and using hands to pull them out of targets and such
YOUR now using them same arrows to hunt, and odds are they have SCENT on them, that could be alerting things

SOME deer are WAY less sensitive to smells and human order's
BUT some are extremely sensitive to them
this is why, some folks do little to NO scent prep and kill deer, and some well, get busted all the time
its due to ALL deer do NOT react the same way!

I personally used to go thru extremes to control scents best I could, and I seldom if ever got scented, or that I KNOW of, LOL
I have had deer bed in all directions of me under 10 yards away for hours, and often would have 20-50 plus deer in front of me with winds blowing right at them!
I hunted all across the USA and Canada for deer too, several states a yr.
so I THINK what I did worked rather well, or made me feel like it did!

if anyone cares, here was my way of working best I could to control scent
First off, ALL my hunting clothing was used for hunting ONLY< it never ever got worn for anything else, never in a store after I bought it, never get fuel, never eat in it(well minus maybe something while on stand), and all items were kept in a scent controlled room, and in scent free totes, that never held anything but hunting gear
I dedicated a whole large room just to hunting clothes and some gear in my house!
the room smelled like the forest I hunt, had tree's branches and other natural smelling things, that existed in the area's I hunting, NO foreign smells
all my hunting cloths and gear gets washed with scent controlling detergent, and UV treated
I sprinkle baking soda on lots o things too
before I will wear after a shower( using non scented shampoo and detergent, all wash clothes and towels will also, ONLY be used for hunting like showers and such, and get washed after every use!
I will then have non hunting clothing, but it also get treated and washed as if hunting gear, BUT I will shed it after I park and get ready to walk into my stand, and into my REAL hunting gear, I tend to PACK most of my gear in as well, as to wearing it, this lowers my odds of breaking a sweat
I also use scent so called eliminator sprays, on walks in, once at the stand and so on?

I also stop often on longer walks in, to also help NOT get a sweat started!
I also like to stop often to look and listen for things ahead of me that I might jump, I just have never been a guy to walk non stop in the woods hunting,as I don't think any wild life that walks, does so, they all stop often and look/smell /feed or??
NOW< again all my hunting gear gets cleaned and I use as many NON scented things as possible ; on things like guns, bows, range finders binoculars and such, as IMO< you being as scent free as possible and your rifle or bow smelling like a heavy oil or solvent, defeats the steps you tried to make!

I am NOT saying my ways are perfect or for all folks, as I know there is a lot of work and costs to doing so, but I do know I have been very successful at filling tags every where I went, very very very rarely would I ever have a deer bust me/snort/blow, or seem alert when about me< ans also have other things like coyotes and such, bed near me down wind too on occasions!
I feel it works well!

I Won't say its 100% , but its helped me in MY mind!
AS IMO<some times, just believing in something helps too! as it might keep you on stand longer
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