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Default Scent Control Proccess?

Hi everyone,

I've had back to back instances in the treestand where a deer got within sight but got spooked before they were in shooting range due to catching my scent. I try everything from washing clothes in scent control detergent, wash in scent control bodywash, and even use scent controlling deodorant but sometimes it seems to still not work. I do usually wear my clothes in my car, rather than dress outside of my car at the site, which I've heard could harm my ability to stay scent free. I've also heard using campfire smoke or baking soda to mask human scent on clothes, as well as keeping scent washed clothes in sealed bags with dirt and leaves to make clothes smell more natural.

Any thoughts, tips, or techniques to help keep my scent under reps, as I'm bowhunting from a twelve foot tree stand so I'm open to anything now that the rut is coming up.
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