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Originally Posted by EShoreMD View Post
As usual mrbb is spot on. A few years a go I got a military duffle bag for carrying in my bulky stuff. It works great. I sweat like a pig. I go out of my way to make myself painfully cold before I get out of my truck to get dressed and walk in. Its all about not sweating, especially if your not going to spend money on good moisture wicking merino wool.
Thanks, if you ever want to upgrade to a scent free pack, Cabela's sell DRY Bags,

I have there backpacks and there duffle bags, 100% water proof, been known to leave gear in bags at tree over night too LOL<> then don;t have to carry in the next morning!

there made of rubber like material, 100 % water proof, and don't hold or absorb any scent, its what I been using for yrs

only mine have zippers on them,,. they stopped making them with zippers in the early 2000's, but they been great bags to carry things in
ALL but supper cold weather,as the rubber gets really stiff, then I switch to other things

but there great items for anyone thinking of adding a BIG pack to carry things in rather than wearing it all in!
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