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your image is not your's if taken in a public place, sad but true, and its why them TV shows cops and like can film you, and or why all department stores and such can video you!
But HOW They use that image , can have legal sides to what all they can or cannot do with it!
but a trail cam pic on public land, OR private lands , odds are its the camera's owners pic, and will again, come down to what the image is being used for ,a s to what all can be done with it!

I agree many cam's get stolen due to folks knowing they got there pic taken, and most times IMO< its also they were trespassing and that increases the odds of them stealing it, as they don;t want to be known to have trespassed!

adding to reasons they steal them!

some I think just take them on spite as well,as poor manors and no respect for others property!
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