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Clem, WAY TO GO!!! Unfortunately, it looks like I'm going to miss out on our early ML season this year. Last Tuesday I had a Kidney Stone attack. Turns out I had a 7mm size stone stuck in my urinary track. Seems like i had to go to the bathroom every 45 minutes or so. Just today I had a little over two hr surgery where they pulled the stone out and found another one in my kidney that they also removed. Now I have a stint in me so I can urinate freely and sometime next week they'll remove it. I'm hoping they will put me to sleep or heavily sedate me. The one time I had a stint in I was awake and I won't go into details but they couldn't get it out and wound up putting me to sleep the following week. I'm dying to get out with my TC Renegade with my 45 GM LRH bbl and my 350 gr Gould bullets. If I can't get out, I'll use my Renegade during our regular Rifle season and late ML season in Bucks County where you can use Percussion

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